Q: What is your landscape design fee?

A: Our design fee is $150 for a residential landscape and $250 for an acreage design.

Q: What is included?

A: We consult you on your property to receive your ideas, check soil types, grading, drainage, and sun and wind exposure.

After the consultation we draw a scaled plan, a photo and maintenance report of the plants, and provide a cost estimate.

Q: What is your availability?

A: We can meet and consult within 3-7 days of the initial request. Our turnaround time for a design is 7-10 days. For installations we can service you in 2-3 weeks.

Q: What is your Warranty?

A: For landscape plantings a 1 year warranty is provided on all plants if they are maintained properly.

Q: Do you provide estimates?

A: We provide estimates for no charge for grading, drainage, seeding, over seeding, and maintenance.